Tips On Taking The Perfect Photograph

Below are my favourite tips for taking the best photos for a portrait. If your unsure or want to send any photos for me to discuss please feel free to email me,


1) LIGHT: Try to use a natural light source during the day. House lamps in the evening can be too harsh.

Make sure the light source is facing the animal. (if its behind you will create a silhouette and therefore loose detail.


2) CAMERA POSITION: Keep the camera lens at the eye level of the animal.


3)CAMERA DISTANCE: Fill the photo composition with the animals head. The more detail I can get in the photo the better the outcome of the final piece so if there are lots of extra background in the photo I will get less detail when I zoom in.


4) POSE: Try to take photo at slight angle. Images that are taken head on can sometimes look a bit strange.


5) QUALITY: Please send the photo in high Quality. This will mean I can zoom in and get the detail I need for a successful outcome.


6) TREATS &FUNNY NOISES! : Use treat, wave or scratch a plastic bag or make a funny noise when taking the photo. This often makes the animal alert. The ears pick up and eyes will be more alert making a good photo. That said if they have a calmer character and they look more like themselves less alert then don’t worry too much about this.


7) FINAL TIP: I usually take more photos than I think I need from different sides of the face etc. The more you take the better the chance of that ‘perfect’ image that shows the character.